I think every person on the planet with a television or access to the Internet is aware that Omar Mateen entered the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida in the early hours of June 12 and opened fire, committing the largest terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11. Lives were taken. The sanctity of the Pulse nightclub to its community was violated. Americans are left saddened, angered and bewildered.

How does a witch react to such blatant hate and wrongness? How does a caring witch help to protect her neighbors, her community, her country? Her world?

It seems too big an undertaking, doesn’t it? I’ve spent the last week and a half contemplating my reaction to the latest mass shooting in America. Peace in the world and tolerance for all are concepts that are too large for only one person to manifest, much less maintain. As a witch, I know that I have the ability to access the Divine Mind and all that its capable of, but I can’t control everything, nor would I want to. But change can begin with one person… one person who then becomes two… and ten… and so on.

So what is the right reaction to injustice or hate then?

This topic has actually been on my mind for a few weeks, ever since the sentencing of convicted rapist Brock Turner went public. There was an online call for participation in a group hexing of Turner, his father and the judge who issued the ‘slap on the wrist’ 6 month sentence. Responses from the Wiccan community were divided about such an action, myself included. I feel it’s important to say that if you feel compelled to take this kind of action I am not judging you or telling you that you shouldn’t do so. For my own personal Path I can say that it didn’t feel like the right course of action, even though I was outraged.

I ended up asking for thoughts from my peers, including those whom I consider teachers and mentors. I appreciate their responses and I feel that the advice they gave echoes how to deal with this latest, horrible attack on the LBGTQ+ community. My community.

When I first heard about the shooting, I was sickened by the thought of what happened, then I was angry, as were many of my friends on social media. My knee jerk reaction was to make a call for a group working that would motivate our lawmakers for gun reform. Or for tolerance and acceptance for all.

But then I remembered the comment from my teacher. He stated that in his experience you have to have a solid inner structure of people to correctly direct the amount of energy that a large scale working like that would produce. I thought about his words and it made sense. A working like that would require many experienced energy workers to manage the energy generated, then to direct it toward a single purpose.

Another mentor said that she keeps her workings geared toward healing and I like how that resonates. It may seem simple, but healing isn’t an easy thing to achieve, especially when you take into consideration after the number of people effected by hate.

I feel that healing is at the heart of the workings I want to do moving forward.

Mental and physical healing for victims of hate.

Healing for the minds of lawmakers whose job it is to look out for those they were elected to serve.

Healing for police, firefighters and military personnel who protect and serve the public because they see horrific things.

Healing for religious leaders as we try to set a good example. So that we might have open hearts and ears in hopes of understanding those who aren’t like us.

Healing for those of us who have to try to make sense of how to best help the world. So that we might find a bridge of acceptance to connect us to our neighbors.

Thank you for walking the Path for a while with me. This week’s post was hard to put into words that felt right and I didn’t want to post something that was only half together. Thank you to Christopher, Jacki, Steve and Robert for helping my mind to coherently make sense of my jumbled thoughts.






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