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Last week I was busy wrapping up final projects and homework to turn in for my last lesson of Witchcraft 4, the Temple of High Witchcraft, with the Temple of Witchcraft Mystery School. What an amazing year this has been! I thought that I would share some of the highlights of what I’ve learned mostly because I wanted to take a look back for my own review.


There are two areas of study that the year focuses on; ceremonial magick and the Witch’s Qabalah, otherwise known as the Tree of Life. The Witch’s Qabalah is also known as the Kabbalah, a Jewish Mystic system that has been studied for thousands of years. Christopher has talked about the Tree of Life in past years in the Mystery School lessons, but I always struggled to understand it until this year. I’m still not done learning all the Tree of Life has to offer, but at least I’m not afraid of it any longer.

I gained a whole new understanding of the Tree throughout this course and there’s no way I can possibly put it all into one post. So what I’m going to do is share one thing that I learned from each sphere/lesson from this past year.



Qabalic Cross – my introduction into High or Ceremonial Magick. It’s an involved practice, made up of rituals that build upon each other to create sacred space and ready it for High Magickal workings. I’m still unsure how/if it fits into my own practice, but as Christopher says, I at least need to have an understanding of what it is and how it works. Adding specific intent-filled movement to rituals definitely took me out of my comfort zone, but it has a well-established place at the table of Paganism and it speaks to many people so you really can’t discount it.



I met Bast for the first time during this lesson. I journeyed to the sphere of Yesod and met her and Freyja, a goddess I’ve worked with before. Bast works with my coven sister so I think that’s partially why to came forward of all the other moon goddesses that are connected with Yesod. She is a fierce and beautiful creature and told me to ‘turn the wheel’. To keep moving forward on my Path. It was the first of many messages about where I’m heading.



As the Mental Realm, Hod is about learning. When I visited the Temple of Hod it presented itself to me as a castle that was packed to the brim with books. Rows and rows of books that reminded me of many a picture of ‘library porn’ I’ve seen on Pinterest. Arch-Angel Raphael gave me a message of what was coming for me, what my next phase will be.



It was during this lesson that we lost our Jasmine. I don’t know that I will ever be able to look at that time of year and not think of her. It was the worst week of my life. Netzach is the Emotional Realm and boy did it do an emotional number on me! What I can take a small amount of solace in is that hopefully I helped to ease her passing with the Fluid Condenser that I made for her during this time.



I had a couple meaningful encounters with my Higher Self during this lesson, which kind of makes sense because Tiphereth is all about that Higher Astral realm. I hadn’t realized how much my experiences through this past year centered around a certain subject that I’m not quite ready to talk too openly about just yet.



This lesson was full of wonderful revelations and I felt like the best one was to directly quote my answer to the question of what I thought Power was and describe my relationship with it. Here it is:

I think that Power for a witch can come in two forms. The first has to do with your own personal, magick power. Power that you harness through your will and use to create change. This is something that each of us have complete control of as to how we use the power and therefore we have to be willing to take responsibility for our actions.

The second kind of Power deals with the example a person sets in the community. I believe that this isn’t something that can be measured and those with true power aren’t even aware that they have it. These are our Elders and teachers who have spent their lives showing the rest of us what it means to live a life of positive example. They live by the Rule of Three. They give of their time and of their love and wisdom and will. They do good deeds and live in balance.



While journeying to this sphere I had an encounter with the god Tarranis. We were talking and all of a sudden he transformed into a woman whom I didn’t know. She started to yell at me about something I didn’t understand. Just as suddenly she was gone and I told Tarranis I didn’t understand what happened. He said, “forgive those who cause drama. They don’t understand what they do.”

It’s a hard message to keep in mind, but makes to much sense.



Binah is the Divine Mother, filled with understanding. She was hard to know when I traveled there. I actually got one message that didn’t have anything to really do with Binah and then I was booted out of meditation. Guess I’ll need to try again later!



Chokmah, as the Seed of Creation, was easier to connect with. When I journeyed there Odin Father introduced me to Aegir, the Norse god of the sea. He gave me some powerful words to think on.

Be Aware


Face Life



And final Kether… meditation to this sphere was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before, but that is to be expected when dealing with the highest manifestation of consciousness. I was surprised to be given some incredibly powerful words to think about. More about teaching so I guess that’s where I’m headed, but also a message to watch for something in the real world and look for messages to accompany it.


I’m looking forward to what the fifth and final year of the mystery school has in store. I’ve owned the books for years but haven’t opened them, waiting until it’s time for class to begin.

I’m eternally grateful to Christopher and everyone at the Temple who make this online classes happen. Rachael, Stevie and all my classmates… best of luck for your futures. See you in W5!!!



Lastly, I thought I would share the final stanza of a version of the Havamal I’ve been trying to read through. It really spoke to me about what finishing this year means to me.


Hail to the speaker,

Hail to the knower,

Joy to him who has understood,

Delight to those who have listened.

-Unknown translation of Havamal




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