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Unfortunately there are no female deities or creatures that I could locate so this week you get two males. But they are great ones. Enjoy!



(Celtic) Goibhniu was the Irish and Welsh God of weapons. Weaponry forged for the Tuatha de Danaan were said to never miss or dull. He possessed a potion which made the drinker invincible. Goibhniu was the smith god and considered one of three divine craftsmen; they were known as na tri dée Dána. The other two craftsmen were Credne and Luchta. He also possessed the Mead of Youth.

Goibhniu was known as the son of Dian Cécht and Danu. Goibhniu had two brothers: Cian or Kian (father of Lugh), and Sawan. Sometimes, Goibhniu was called the son of Esarg and grandson of Neit, which make him the brother of Credné, Luchta and Dian Cécht. Goibhniu was also known as the son of Ethliu, which make him the brother of Dagda, Nuada, Dian Cécht, Credne, Luchta and Lug Mac Cein. Goibhniu raised Lugh, teaching the boy many different skills in his crafts. In Welsh myths, his Welsh counterpart was called Govannon, who had killed Dylan, the son of Aranrhod.

During the second battle of Moytura, Goibhniu and other craftsmen, Credné (artificer) and Luchtainel or Luchta (carpenter or wrights quickly repaired the damaged weapons for the Dananns. The three craftsmen were a triad of gods of skills called “Na tri dee dana”. Some say that the other two craftsmen were his brothers. Goibhniu killed Rúadan, the son of Bres and Bríg (Brigit), who had tried to murder the smith.



Gwynn Ap Nudd

God of the underworld the death chase, and the Wild Hunt. Originally a war god who hunted mens souls and lead  them to Annwn, the land of the dead. According to the Welsh legend, he is the king of the faeries and elves. Also known as Gwynwas. In an early Welsh poem he is also God of battle, the escort of dead souls to Annwn. He abducted a maiden known as Creiddylad after she eloped with Gwythr ap Greidawl, Gwyn’s long-time rival. Gwynn and Gwythr’s fight, which began on May Day, represented the contest between summer and winter.



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