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Last week in my Summer Crafty Craft post, I told you about the new piece of orgonite I made to help me in my job search, but I didn’t go into any details of my situation. A couple of weeks ago the company where I worked for the last twelve years closed and I was laid off indefinitely. Since then I’ve been on the hunt for a new job and I’ve been using all my witchy tools to help me.

I thought I would share my journey so far.

The biggest way you can help yourself in a job hunt is to keep a positive mind frame and set your intention to find a situation that is for your highest good. I will admit that I had a couple of freak outs in the first week, but since then I have really made it a point to set my mind that I will find the right job for me when the time is right (which is hopefully sooner rather than later!)


Now let’s get into some other the other things I’ve been working, like this piece of orgonite. As you can see from the picture I have that beautifully shiny penny clearly visible. I thought that actual currency was a wonderful symbol to depict what I wanted to draw into my life. I made sure to use a 2016 penny, since this is the year we are currently in and when I’m in the most need for focusing positive energy into my search. I used a large crystal wrapped in copper wire that runs right up the center of the pyramid to aid that focus. And I used brass shavings as a means of representing gold, a common correspondence for financial success. I also used green and gold glitters in other layers to do the same thing. As I was building each layer, I put intent into the piece that I would be prosperous and that I could provide for myself. When I brought it home, I placed it next to my laptop because that it where I am doing all my searches and applying for jobs.


Every day before I do any searching, I take a few moments to ground and center myself. I put myself in the mindset that I will find jobs that I am qualified for. Jobs that are for my highest good. Jobs that will bring me joy. On my main altar I will also light one of these Ganesha inspired incenses because he is the god of helping to get rid of obstacles. I realize that I am no spring chicken anymore and that being in my 40s could be a deterrent from getting hired. Thinking of Ganesha’s ability to clear those kinds of thoughts out of my head help me to stay positive.


Cathy gifted me with this Magical Miracle Worker candle from Dorothy Morrison’s line that is designed as a ‘cure all for impossible situations’. I light this candle and say its accompanying incantation every time I sit down to look for work. I also have been taking a couple sniffs of the mental powers herb jar we also made at Crafty Craft Day and I think that brings my thoughts into focus!

In case you are interested, here is a link to where you can purchase Dorothy’s candles online:



Being off work has given me the opportunity to do some cleaning and purging around the house and in doing so I found this candle set I bought last year when we made our trip down to the Candle Wick Shoppe owned by Jacki Smith. As you can see from the picture it’s an aid for finding new work, so you bet your sweet butt I had those bad boys lit the next day! These are votive sized candles and in the set of three there is one each of the Prosperity, Attraction and Stability candles. I put them on my fire altar, where I have other items that remind me of the passions I have in my life.

I know that I’ve talked about Jacki’s candles before, but in case you’ve missed it here is a link to her website:


Now, of course I’m not just lighting a candle or two and thinking that someone is going to magickally appear at my door with a job offer. That’s not how it works. I’m spending hours going through job sites, talking to people and getting my resume out there. Like all magick, there is mundane world effort that you have to do in order to bring about change.

That’s going to wrap things up for this week. If you are like me and are looking for work then I hope I’ve given you some helpful ideas for things to try. Or if you have something you’d like to suggest then I’m all ears! I’ll keep you posted on how my job hunt is going and I wouldn’t mind some positive energy if you have any to spare!


Thanks for taking the time to walk a little while with me and until next time… Blessed Be!




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