A few weeks ago when my coven had our Summer Crafty Craft day, I hauled up from the basement a large tub where I keep all my soap molds and candle making supplies. After bringing it back home (fuller than I left with, mind) I decided that I had to go through the contents and possibly do some purging before allowing it to make its return trip to the basement. I’m sure glad that I did because I ended up with a really fun and simple craft project.

A few years ago I expressed an interest in candle making and that year for Yule my brother gave me a TON of stuff. Wax. Wicks. Plastic bags to use for melting and pouring wax. Even glass containers to make candles in.

And there they sat for years!

I became inspired when I noticed that I had six different colors of wax and that five of the colors were green, red, yellow, blue and white. That’s right, perfect colors to make elemental candles!!! I’ve been doing some rearranging of stuff in my Sacred Space and redoing my elemental altars was part of that. I was intrigued!!!



Then I noticed that the wax was a pour and melt, sand-consistency variety that you could use as a single color, or could pour in layers to create pretty patterns. Well, how easy could it be to make elemental altar candles, I asked myself and started moving everything to the kitchen.

Within moments I had a funnel out and packages open. The glass containers that my brother had included with everything are like bud vases and the wicks were tall enough to fit into them. My only leery point was that the wicks didn’t have metal stands at the bottom, but I wasn’t going to let that stop my experiments.



Next I cut open a corner of the wax bag so that I could easily control who much came out.



I quickly realized that if I put the wick in the container prior to pouring any wax that I could use the funnel to help keep the wick in the center of the glass container. I poured a little wax in at a time and had to be aware that clumping could occur.



I filled the containers, leaving a half and inch at the top.



My remaining color of wax was orange so I had the idea of adding scent. I continued to put about an inch worth of wax in the container at a time, then I would add about 6 drops of orange essential oil. I’m still working through this candle, so I’m not sure if more scent is necessary.



So here are the elemental candles all in order in a circle. This entire project literally took less that 15 minutes from start to finish and the best part is that I have left over wax to make more candles when I need them!

I was also really excited because when I packed everything left over back into the tote I have serious room to spare. I am so happy that I was able to use up some of the crafty supplies that have been hanging out in my house for years and more importantly, it was a gift from my brother that is being put to such an amazing use in my practice. I couldn’t ask for more.

Thanks for taking the time to walk a while with me by reading this week’s post. I hope it inspires you to shop your own stash and if it does then I’d love to see what revisited treasures you find.


Until next time… BB