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Ravenmyst selected her clothes carefully for the concert. Tonight Scott would forever change her life and they would live happily ever after. She smiled to herself as she snapped her stockings into her black lace garter then allowed her palms to leisurely glide up and over her abdomen and breasts. She wore a matching strapless corset that would barely be concealed under the little pink dress she had picked up at an exclusive shop on Rodeo Drive that afternoon.

She slipped the dress over her head and reveled in the silky feel of the garment as it slithered down her body. Black strappy sandals completed her ensemble and she moved to the full-length mirror that took up an entire wall of her closet to survey her work. Her hair hung loose and framed her face like a dark halo. Scott will love this, she thought to herself as she pivoted from side to side, making sure everything about her appearance was flawless.

When she was sure that everything was perfect, she returned to her bedroom to gather her evening bag that contained the ticket to the concert and the backstage pass she had managed to acquire after a trip to the record company on an errand for her father. As she left the bedroom she turned off the light, but she didn’t notice the pair of yellow eyes that gleamed from the other side of one of the room’s windows.


Elayne held on to the stone in her hand with a death grip. The sunstone had been in her possession for such a long time that all four women of the circle were familiar with it’s shape, but as Amy watched her friend from where she stood beside her, she worried that by the end of the night it would look altogether different.

Amy leaned toward her and asked, “Do you feel anything?”

Elayne shook her head mutely. She was terrified that tonight would be one of those times when her ability decided to let her wing it by herself so she refused to take her eyes off what she could see of the crowd. Serena and Richard stood on her other side like the constant pillars of strength they had always been. Connie had chosen to stand on the other side of the stage to see if she could catch a glimpse of the girl from that vantage point. Elayne had given each of them a mental image of Ravenmyst so that everyone had no doubt who they were looking for.

Nothing out of the ordinary had happened so far. Security had been alerted that there was a fan that might turn up at the show that was to be classified as dangerous and to remove her from the site without question. Unfortunately, Elayne couldn’t give each member of the staff an image of the girl like she had her friends, not without having to answer too many questions. They couldn’t totally rely on the guard’s ability to find her any way. That was the four women’s purpose tonight.

The changes that the guys had planned for this show worked perfectly. All the extra hours of rehearsal they had put into the act were really paying off and the crowd was on fire with excitement. Scott could feel their enthusiasm on stage and it fueled him to the point of near exhaustion as he and the others played and sang their hearts out. For some reason his eyes kept falling on a certain section of audience on the floor and he couldn’t figure out why. The Staples Center was a large venue and normally he made sure to give all the audience his attention at some point, but he couldn’t explain why his eyes kept coming back there.

He could also feel Elayne’s apprehension from where she stood just off the stage. He had made sure to stop and see how she was doing whenever he passed by to change, but he didn’t think it was helping. She wasn’t going to let her guard down until this was resolved. None of them were.

During his last custom change Scott’s faux chain mail shirt gave him a great deal of problems as he hurriedly pulled it over his head. “Scott, let’s go,” Evan called as he dodged out the door of the dressing room.

“I’ll be right there,” Scott’s muffled voice replied from under the shirt. Finally, after a quick, hard yank he was able to settle the garment down onto his shoulders then ran after his cousin to have his headgear refastened before he could go back onstage.

He never saw the necklace Elayne had given him fall to the ground at his feet as he left the dressing room. The cord had become tangled in the fabric of the shirt and had broken as he struggled to put the it on.


Val went upstairs to check on the girls. He had decided not to go to the concert because Serena had been reluctant to leave the children with the housekeeper she didn’t know that well. Besides she and Richard didn’t get out much together with three kids so Val thought he would do them a favor even if they were ‘working’. Scott had given him free reign to play in his studio in the basement and since Val was an amateur guitar player himself, he had a great time jamming and hanging out with the kids.

It was now almost eleven and Michelle, the two-year-old and youngest of the O’Brien clan, had gone to sleep hours earlier. Helen and Anne had only gone to bed about an hour and a half ago and he wanted to make sure they were sleeping and not talking the night away.

He had just reached the top of the stairs when he heard Helen cry out in terror. Val ran the rest of the way down the hall to the room the girls were sharing and threw open the door. The light from the hallway was enough for him to see that Anne was still sleeping peacefully, but Helen was sitting up in the bed next to her sister and by the look on her face he could tell she was okay, but extremely scared.

“It’s okay,” he cooed softly as he crossed the room to the bed and sat next to her. Serena and Richard’s children were so much like his own that Val’s heart went out to the terrified little girl and he pulled her into his arms and rocked her back and forth. “Did you have a bad dream?”

“We have to go to them,” Helen said as she pulled away to look up at him, her eyes nearly wild with fright. “Mom and the others are in danger. I saw it in my dream.”

Val considered her quizzically. He knew that his wife and the other women in the coven were very powerful witches and that their magick was real. When Amy had told him about Helen’s emerging talents he couldn’t believe that a child so young could wield that kind of gift. He found it odd that this girl he had known since the day she was born was now telling him that his wife and the others were in danger. Should he believe her? Or was it just a dream from a mind that had been so excited to meet someone famous like the Middlemen and wanted to show them that she was as talented as her mother and her friends?

“Val, please,” she pleaded, her little hands were clamped onto his shirtfront. “There is something evil there. We have to take the ritual things to them before it’s too late.” Tears were forming in her eyes, making Val think that there was some truth to what she was saying. What could it hurt? The worst that could happen was that Serena would chastise him for listening to a child.

“Mrs. Potter is still here,” he said as he extracted her hands from his shirt. “I’ll ask her to stay with you and your sisters and go to the arena. Okay?”

“I have to go with you,” she informed him in her best adult tone. “They need me.”

“No,” Val said adamantly. “If there is trouble your mother would be really upset if something happened to you.” Not to mention the fact that she would never forgive him for bringing her there.

Helen hesitated for a moment, but then seemed placated by Val’s decision and nodded her head in agreement. A sense of urgency came over him as he left the room and he hurried downstairs. Most of the actual ritual equipment hadn’t been set up yet, so it only took him a few minutes to gather everything into a large case that he quickly carried outside and loaded it into the rental car.

After a hasty conversation with the housekeeper, who not only agreed to stay with the sleeping girls, but also gave him directions to the area, Val was on his way. He never noticed the small figured that was huddled on the floor of the backseat who was clutching the stone bowl Scott had given Elayne for her birthday.


Ravenmyst took the packet she had prepared from her purse and broke the seal. The screaming girls that surrounded her on the floor of the arena were getting on her nerves as they pushed and jostled her in their frenzy to show their favorite group how much they loved them. She shoved the girls back hard more than once and now they were keeping their distance as best as they could while continuing to watch the performance with their normal vigor.

The dark haired beauty dumped the concoction of herbs and other assorted items into the palm of her hand and quickly closed her fist so that she wouldn’t loose any of the valuable mixture. “The night has come, the time is near. For my love to see, to have no fear. The time for victory is at hand, for my lover to see me where I stand. Great Inanna fill my destiny, as I will it, so mote it be.”

With the last of her words Ravenmyst allowed the contents of the packet to begin to slip threw her fingers as she raised her hand to her face. She blew the remainder of the blend into the air in the direction of the stage and watched as the airborne particles took flight and transform into a smoky gray mist that drifted toward the stage. No one else could see the mist unless they could use magick themselves, but by then it would be too late to stop the spell.

As the mist drifted toward the stage, Ravenmyst watched Scott’s eyes look in her direction again. He feels me, she thought with a devious smile as she watched the remaining events unfold.


“That was amazing,” Amy told Elayne as they waited backstage while Scott and the others took their final bows.

Elayne, however, was lost in her own thoughts. Amy had missed Scott’s pause during the last song of the encore, but Elayne hadn’t. A gray mist had drifted onto the stage from the audience and at first Elayne thought that it was another stage effect that had been added for the final show. That was, until she realized that the mist congregated around only Scott then seemed to seep itself into his body, causing him to pause where he stood.

Nor had she missed the little switch in her mind that told her magick was being used somewhere close to her. She grabbed Amy’s hand and squeezed it tightly. “It’s happening,” she said evenly as she started toward the entrance to the stage. It was happening and somehow she felt that it was already too late.


It took Ravenmyst some time to push her way to the edge of the crowd so that she could open a portal backstage. She wanted to be there when Scott stepped off with the rest of the band, but if these screaming little bitches didn’t get out of her way she would miss her chance.

Finally she made her way to a darkened part of the aisle that was away from most of the prying eyes around her. The house lights would be coming up soon and she had to be on her way before that happened.

Quietly she muttered the words and a shimmering oval formed in front of her and grew until it was large enough for her to walk through. When she did so she looked around and saw that she had arrived where she had wanted to be even though she had been distracted by the crowd and had been in a hurry so that she wasn’t discovered.

Her eyes narrowed when they fell on the back of the witch that was temporarily sleeping in Scott’s bed. She was watching the audience intently, which made Ravenmyst smile. She’s probably looking for me, she thought to herself before dismissing the woman entirely. Scott would come off the stage soon and she was ready to collect her prize.


Zechariah didn’t have to worry when he saw his quarry step through a portal. He was linked to her in a way that couldn’t be explained. There was no way that he could ever be separated from her as long as he was in the state his was in now. She was the reason he was here and soon he would get what he wanted most. The opportunity to once again have a physical body in this world. It had been so long since he had been born. Too long for him to remember some times.

But that didn’t matter to him now. His dark beauty had called him from the other side and she was now forever bound to him by the oaths she had taken. Zechariah allowed the essence that was him to rise and drift along above the heads of those that were now slowly beginning to clear from this large space he had come into.

His mental link with the girl was telling him that the time was at hand to claim payment for his help in her endeavors. As he floated toward what he had heard one of the young girls in the audience call the ‘stage’, which he felt was a ludicrous term for the monstrosity of metal that had been constructed before him, he wondered what it would be like to have a body once again. He was quite familiar with the man Ravenmyst had been lusting after and he fully approved of her choice. The young man was hale and hearty and Zechariah was sure he would have a wonderful time once he had control of the body.

He couldn’t wait to feel cloth against his skin again and to taste a good red wine. Zechariah hoped that Ravenmyst’s choice didn’t prove to be too much of a problem. He was tired from his travels and even though he had plenty of energy left to deal with the situation, he didn’t want to be too weak when he finally had his prize.




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