When it comes to my listening choices, I tend to jump around in subject matter. Some days I need my Showtunes. Then the next day I’m all about KPOP or maybe an audiobook.

Sometimes I like a good podcast.

A couple of years ago the Roomie told me about this free app called Podcast Addict that I’m completely in love with. It’s great because you can easily search for podcasts and subscribe to them. I am an Android user, but I also use a 5th Generation iPod. The one great feature about iTunes that I don’t get to take advantage of is the ability to instantly access the podcast section from your iPhone or iPod Touch devices.

Also as a podcaster myself, when I first got started I wanted to see what other Wicca based shows were doing with their subject matter. It was slow going at first, finding podcasts that were well put together and contained information I found interesting. I thought that I would share with you some of the good ones that I’ve found. Some are available on iTunes as well as Podcast Addict and some aren’t entirely Pagan based, but they relate to my cruelty free/vegetarian lifestyle that some of you have expressed an interest in learning more about, so I included them, too.



The first podcast I thought that I would talk about is Voices of the Temple. Adam Sartwell, one of the founders of the Temple of Witchcraft and Virgo Lead Minister, hosts this podcast. Episodes are a little sporadic, but the content centers on the workings and the people who make up the Temple of Witchcraft so if you are a student of Christopher’s like I am, this is a really great resource. The podcast can be found at the Temple website as well as the Podcast Addict app and iTunes.



The next podcast is one that I found on the Podcast Addict app. Thunder Wizard is Michael William Denney’s podcast where he talks about what many might consider Heathen or Asatru topics, but he considers more Teutonic in nature. His subject matter ranges from a wonderful series about the Elder Futhark Runes to myths about the Norse pantheon. Denney’s focus is on shamanic techniques of the Teutonic people and his background is very interesting. He also has a YouTube channel with additional shamanic content that I’ve enjoyed. This podcast is also found on iTunes as well as on the Thunder Wizard site. It’s definitely worth checking out.



The last podcast I thought I would talk about is the Rich Roll Podcast. Rich is an amazing guy… a vegan… ultra-endurance athlete… author… public speaker. Rich is a former attorney and in his podcasts he has intelligent, thought provoking discussions with people who are doing things to change the world. I first came across him when I wanted to learn more about Russell Simon’s book The Happy Vegan. Their discussion was so incredible and eye opening. Aside from Russell, Rich’s guests have included recording artist, Moby, Arianna Huffington and Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn, the film makers behind the documentary Cowspiracy.

I’m always looking to expand my podcast listenings. There are others on my list, but I’ll save them for another time. Let me know if you listen to any of the three I’ve shared or if you have a favorite podcast you think I’d like. Thanks for walking a little while with me and until next time, Blessed Be.




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