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God of war. Neit was a son of Dagda. Neit was said to have been the father of the Fomorians: Delbaeth, who was the father of Elatha, and of Dót, who was the father of Balor. Neit may have been the consort of Morrígan. Neit was married to Badb and Frea. Neit was also said to be the father of Esarg, who was the father of the Danann physician, Dian Cécht. Neit was the Danann king of Ireland before the arrival of the sons of Mil (Milesians). He was killed in battle against the Fomorians.

His three sons succeeded him: MacCuill, MacCecht and MacGrené (MacGrene). (According to alternative tale, they were the sons of Ogma or Cermait; both were sons of Dagda). The three sons were married to Banba, Fohla and Eriu, the three daughters of Ernmas. The three wives were the three goddesses of Ireland. The Milesians invaded Erin (Ireland) during his sons’ reign.




The Lady of the Lake was known by many names, but most often by Nimue. Nimue, pronounced Nim-oo-ay, was often confused and misrepresented in Arthurian Legend as an enchantress who only wanted to steal Merlin’s magic. This is most likely a literary fabrication created by the religious state of that time.

Literarily, Nimue is best known for providing Arthur with the sword Excalibur, which was returned to her upon his death at the Battle of Camlann. Nimue was the daughter of Diones and lover of both Pelles and Merlin. She was Merlin’s scribe and in return he taught her his magic. Once she had become even more powerful than Merlin she supposedly imprisoned him in a Glass Tower. The Lady of the Lake was also the foster mother of Sir Lancelot.

Mythologically, Nimue was a lessor Celtic Mood Goddess and connected to the Goddess Morgan. The Celtic Lady of the Lake was known as a Gwragedd Nnnwn, or Lake Faerie. Nimue is thought to be related to Mneme, one of the nine water-nymph Muses of Roman and Greek Mythology who gave weapons to heroic Perseus. She has also been shown as an alternate version of Diana or Rhiannon.

Archetypically, Nimue represented the primal initiation into the Otherworld. She was one of the three queens who escorted Arthur to Avalon at his death. She reigned over knowledge, was the foster mother, and the mistress of wisdom.




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