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Unfortunately, LPPD had barely gotten underway last Saturday when the rain started. We were all holding out hope that the day would turn out like last year’s event, where it rained on and off, but that wasn’t meant to be. Rain turned into heavy rain, which turned to thunder and lightning and that led to everyone gathering under the pavilion to wait it out.

All of that said, I have to admit that hanging out in bad weather like that with a group of pagans is the way to go! I saw some really great examples of people lending a helping hand that day that really warmed my heart and reaffirmed just how special we all are, those of us who are called to the Goddess, God and Great Spirit. Even before the rain started, during set up, I saw members of the MMPC staff and their families helping vendors haul their product to sites and setting up.

When things started to get hairy, the raining picking up and such, I even saw one man doing what looked like some pretty intense energy working with the weather. What his intention was, I don’t know, but it did prompt me to add my own petitions that whatever the weather was meant to do, that everyone was kept safe.

There was some improvising that needed to happen and LPPD staff and attendees were super accommodating. Once everyone was under the pavilion and pretty much a captive audience, the president of the MMPC, Carrie Zay, asked if the presenters of the first class would mind going ahead and give their talk right there. They agreed and the class went on! Also, the head of the food tent Bill and his team was ready and willing to serve folks lunch, even though a canopy had to be brought over to keep the grill from being put out by the rain!

Cathy and I did manage to get one quick tour around the vendor tents before the sky opened up and while we didn’t get the chance to make all the purchases we’d hoped to, we did get a couple of things. There are a couple of the vendors that I really wanted to share because their products looked super interesting and I hope that I get the chance to see them again.


alex and jayde


Alex & Jade Designs is a really great Lansing area designer with some really cute kids clothes. Candice, the owner and designer, has some really delightful ideas when it comes to kids clothes and if I had any rugrats of my own I’d definitely have bought some of her stuff. However, I do have some ‘nieces’ and ‘nephews’ that I’m keeping in mind! Check her site out!!


archaic circle


I have a new tea company to love!
Wow! I’m enjoying a cup of Nature’s Remedy tea from the Archaic Circle company as I write this and it’s delicious! As far as I can tell, this is another Michigan company that makes their own original herbal tea blends as well as some beauty products, like bath salts and body cleansers. CHECK THEM OUT! Their stuff is really good! Cathy bought their Focus tea blend and some hot chocolate. She has reported to me that the hot chocolate is VERY good! That’s high praise from my favorite choco-holic!




I am very impressed by this couple. The Cord and the Craft make walking sticks with Para cord wrapped handles, wire wrapped stone pendants and other jewelry items. I especially liked a product they call ‘money fists’, personal defense items that can go on your keychain. I got a really peacefully and cool vibe from this Big Rapids couple and my heart was warmed when I learned all the wood used for their walking sticks is ethically harvested!! Great prices, great products and made in Michigan! What more can you ask for? Check out the link above to their Etsy shop or look them up on Facebook.


Sooooooo… when the thunderstorms didn’t seem to want to let up the MMPC staff canceled the event. That meant that I didn’t get to present my class and our coven didn’t put on our ritual, but I am not overly disappointed. I know that some might think that the day was a bust, but I don’t think that’s the case. As people that revere Nature and see stepping outside as entering our sacred space, we have to come to terms with the fact that Mother Earth is fierce as well as beautiful, destructive as well as nurturing. We work with the elements and sometimes we need to be reminded of her awesomeness so that we don’t loose sight of any of her aspects.

And besides, there’s always next year, right? J

Thanks for the walking the path a little while with me and until next time, Blessed Be!






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