Last week I shared in a video on my recent purchase of an animal oracle deck (I will put a link at the bottom of this post) at a wonderful little shop in Lansing called Coyote Wisdom. I realized as I posted the video that I’d never done any kind of review of the store and I vowed that next time I was there I would make sure to snap a few pictures and put one together. As luck would have it, I was able to go back to the store over this past weekend and received permission to do just that. Let’s get to the review!!

Coyote Wisdom is a lovely space that is packed full of goodness! It’s only three rooms on the first floor of a house, but it’s set in a really open space and there’s a decent amount of parking available. There’s a great flow to the shop, which I think is essential when dealing with small spaces, and there’s just so much to see.

You walk in through a beaded curtain and the first thing you see is this gorgeous site! I’m a sucker for a good statue of a deity and you’ll find a nice grouping here. Archangels, fairies and even animal statues are available. Great, competitive prices, too. What you see in the picture is in the center of the room and you traverse around it, finding these statues and other items on all four sides.


Another thing I like about Coyote Wisdom is the amount of books you can find there. There are at least five tall bookshelves and one small one and they are packed full of books! This is a treasure trove of reading material and something that’s becoming hard to find, especially when the offerings at big box bookstores are sadly lacking in their metaphysical sections. The books are neatly organized and labeled so if you were looking for a one on shamanism you can easily locate all the books on that subject in one section. It looked as if there were even used books available, but I didn’t think to ask about the store’s buy back options.

Now, of course you are going to find all the standards in this store… tarot and oracle decks. Jewelry. Artwork. Oils. But let me tell you, what I really, really, really like about Coyote Wisdom is their selection of stones and incense. An entire room and a half to be exact! I remember the first time I visited the store and how shocked I was to see all the stones. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen so many different types of stones in one place.

And they are really well organized, like the rest of the story, and very pleasing to the eye. They are in little dishes that sit at different levels on the shelves and there are small slips of paper that give possible correspondences. It’s honestly a stone lovers delight to go there and get lost in the selection.

I also mentioned incense. I like to burn different sizes/shapes of incense for various purposes and you can find a great many at Coyote Wisdom. I keep a small elemental bowl on my altar where I like to made daily offerings and I prefer to use the Morning Star brand incense sticks for their length. Coyote Wisdom carries what I think is the full line and I think the quality of this incense is really nice. And they are less than four dollars for something like twenty sticks. You can’t beat that!

The herb section is small and I’ve only seen the most popular kinds stocked, like lavender and St. John’s Wort. But you can find Jacki Smith’s Coventry Creations candles, among other lines, so it’s a closer place for me to buy them if I can’t make it to Ferndale or wait until ConVocation.

Coyote Wisdom does have a space for psychic readings and it looks like classes are offered. They do have a Facebook page that I will also link below if you are interested in those services.

I am also happy to be able to report that Coyote Wisdom is going to be moving! Not far, just next door to a really charming house. I don’t know for sure if the business will be getting additional floor space, but the move will be happening soon, so it will only be a matter of time. An Open House is scheduled for October 8th, just a little over a month away, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the new digs will be like.

Now for the brooms!!


I really like this store. It’s a good thing it’s not in the town where I live because I’m afraid I would be there all the time and give them all my money! That being said, I don’t have many negatives to say about it, other than the lack of herbs. I think what I’m going to do in this instance is give the store a four out of five brooms. Really, I want to give them a four and half, but I don’t want to get into halves. My reasoning for four instead of five brooms is because I want to wait to see what the new space is like and how the store evolves once it’s there.

I hope that if you’re in the Lansing area you stop in to Coyote Wisdom. They are one of the few stores of this kind in our area and we need to help support businesses like this one to keep them open. I know I’ll go back!

Thanks for walking the Path a little while with me and until next time… Blessed Be!

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