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I’m going to apologize now if this post seems a bit scattered. This subject is something I feel incredibly passionate about, but at the same time it’s been hard for me to put my thoughts in any kind of order as the situation gets more and more out of control. Please know that I am proof reading this entry constantly, so stay with me!

Back in April, members from the Standing Rock Sioux reservation started a peaceful encampment to protest the installation of a 1,172-mile pipeline by the Dakota Access Company. The pipeline would move oil from the Bakken Oil Fields in North Dakota, through four states to Illinois, where it could then connect with another pipeline that would take the oil south and into Texas. The tribe claims that their water source is in danger because a section of the pipeline would run within a half a mile of the actual reservation and would then go under the Missouri River.

Since April, over 240 different indigenous nations have come to North Dakota in solidarity with Standing Rock. This is the largest gathering of Native Americans in one location since the 1800s, which I feel is a positive thing, even if the reason for the assembly isn’t.

I don’t recall how my attention was first brought to the situation in North Dakota, because it’s barely getting any kind of major media coverage, but I can say that my heart has been extremely heavy lately as I do what I can to keep up with what’s going on there. I think what leaves me the most baffled is the fact that mainstream media isn’t covering what’s happening and I find myself asking why! Thank goodness for the internet and independent journalists, like Democracy Now, who have people there and showing what’s really happening. Unfortunately, these journalists are being targeted by police who arrest them and then charge them with unbelievable things like riot.

There was a time in my Path where I believed that Native American Spirituality was my calling. This was during my college years and before I came to know Wicca and while there were many aspects of the religion that spoke to me, even now, it never completed me like Wicca has.

I was proud to learn that there are non-Natives who are on the ground in North Dakota with the indigenous people who continue the peaceful protest of the pipeline, which has been renamed the Black Snake. I even came across an article on the Wild Hunt site by a fellow student from the Temple of Witchcraft, Nathan Hall. Here’s a link:


Which leads me to the question, how can I help? I think that as a Witch, it’s natural that my views on Mother Earth would be very similar to those of any Native American tribe. We all respect the Earth and want her to stay healthy and vibrant. We understand that she is in jeopardy from global warming and the poisoning that happens every time one of these pipelines burst.

The people at Standing Rock need help! At the end of Nathan’s article there are a couple of links, one will take you to the Standing Rock Sioux page where you can send a letter to you representative, asking them for action. The other link is to give a donation. These folks need food, water and medical supplies and winter is coming very quickly to North Dakota so there are other needs as well.

I also found a link to an online petition that is sponsored by the Action Network:


I think that it’s important to stand in solidarity in any way we can. I wish that it was possible for me to go to the camps, but it isn’t. What I can do, and have done, is sign the petition and send a letter to my state representative. It costs nothing.

Thanks for staying with me and for walking the Path a little while with me. BB



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