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I don’t know about any of you, but I was pretty numb yesterday after seeing the election results. One thing that I knew for certain was that I needed to be very mindful of my reaction, especially on social media. Inside I was sobbing with disappointment and fearful for the days ahead, but I knew that giving in to despair would never make this situation go away.

As Americans, we have the right to go to the polls and vote for our leadership in free elections. Generations of our ancestors have fought for and even given their lives for these rights and the people spoke. We need to move forward and watch for what the future holds.

If you were a supporter of any candidate other than the President-Elect, what we need to remember is that the outcome of this year’s election doesn’t mean that we are doomed. It means that we wait and watch and let these elected leaders know that we expect them to do their jobs. Represent all the people, not solely their own the interests or the interests of those who donated big money to their campaigns. If they don’t come through, then we have the opportunity to elect someone else who will in the next cycle.

Today I can understand that many disheartened Americans who didn’t support the President-Elect are looking for what the next step is. Where do we go from here? I’m proud to see my friends and neighbors who are picking up the torch of community and being their own kind of Light. Sharing messages of hope and saying ‘don’t give up’. If you want to get involved, then I encourage you to seek out events and groups that are forming that will better prepare us for tomorrow. It may take some time for word to get out, but if you’re on social media then keep your eyes open!!

Like any person of faith, I looked to my spiritual leaders to see their responses to the results of the election and that’s where I found real hope and direction. Jacki Smith, owner of Coventry Creations and someone I’ve spoken highly of many times for her spiritual insight posted the following on her Facebook page:

Jacki Smith

Yesterday at 8:30am · New Orleans, LA ·

Do I let this election eat me or feed me? It’s no secret that I voted for her, and now I either let this eat me up with fear, anger and depression, or I can let this feed my resolve to join my fellow progressives and stand sentinal to our rights as women, people of color, lgbt, forst nation, humans to ensure we DO NOT roll back the clock.

This is when we give up or dig in. I’m digging in. Who’s with me?


Dorothy Morrison, another author and teacher that I admire a great deal summed things up very nicely with this post:

Dorothy Morrison

23 hrs · Glen Burnie, MD ·

When it rains…#bethethunder. That is all.


And like he so often does, my teacher, mentor and friend, Christopher Penczak had this to say:

Christopher Penczak

Yesterday at 8:46am ·

We are the Bearers of Light. Tend your light in this darkness. Rekindle your light with others who hold it dear. Warm each other. Guide each other. Breathe deep. Cry. Ground. But do not despair.


I spent most of the day yesterday thinking about how I moved forward. How I could set an example in these uncertain times. I realized many things, the first of which is that life will continue and I need to do the same. An affirmation came to me in meditation that I think will become my own personal mantra from now on.

I am a Woman

I am a Witch

I am a Citizen

I am a member of the LGBT Community

I will not be Silent


I also made choices. I will not despair. I will not let any Darkness extinguish my Light. I will continue to be the thunder. I am ready to dig in. Who will stand with me?

Thanks for stopping by and walking with me a while on my Path. I invite any and all comments and discussion. Until next time… Blessed Be.





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