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Hey there and Happy Holidays! Since Thanksgiving is this week, we are officially in the holiday season, so I hope everyone has a great Turkey Day (if you celebrate).

Last year, I did a series of posts where I shared Yule gift ideas and I had so much fun putting the three lists together, so I decided to do them again this year! To satisfy those crafters out there, like myself, this week my gift ideas are ones that you either make or put together yourself. Skills levels range from easy to experienced so don’t worry! There’s something here for everyone! Next week I will share ideas for gifts that you can purchase and the final post will be specific items that are on my personal wish list.

Let’s get started!



Cocoa Mix in Recycled Glass Jars

I think I saw this idea on Facebook… or maybe Pinterest? The original little video I saw had recipes for different kinds of cocoa, like Red Velvet and Pumpkin Spice varieties. The video showed putting the mix in Mason jars and I immediately thought of the glass jars from pasta sauce and nacho cheese that we recycle at our house. I remember thinking that they would work just as well for this purpose. The added bonus is that you save on the cost of buying Mason jars if you use something you already have at home! Upcycling at its finest!!!!

There are lots of recipes out there, so you can tailor the mixture to the person you’re gifting to. I also like this idea because it’s something that kids can help put together and if you make a big batch there may be some left over for you to keep!



Spell Balls

I’ve seen the Home Blessing Ornaments that Miss Dorothy Morrison is offering for sale this year and it got me to thinking about all kinds of things that you can do with this idea. Some folks might call this a witch’s ball, but the basic idea is that you take an empty glass (or plastic, as I’ve seen available in stores this year) ornament and fill it with stones, herbs or other objects that correspond with your purpose. You then hang it somewhere in your home, generally in a window, so that it can attract the qualities you asked for.

This is a great witchy gift because of how versatile it is. You can gear one toward healing, prosperity, love or anything! Of course, you want to clear the ornament beforehand and empower every ingredient with your intention as you add it. I would caution to be aware of how much you put into the ornament. If you make it too heavy it will never hang! We’re actually going to be making these at our Winter Crafty Craft Day this year and our intention will be for home protection/prosperity.


Protection Rune Wall Hanging

This is another project we’re going to try this year for Crafty Craft Day and I can’t wait to see how they turn out! It’s another upcycling project, which is so great! You use downed branches that you would normally add to the burn pile. You could also use dowels if you wanted, but I like the idea of having bark on the wood and this project is perfect for using up yarn scraps!

The name gives away the intention of this project, and the Rune depicted looks to me like Othala, the Teutonic word for ‘home’ and what is truly important. It might be Ingwaz as well, which talks about home and hearth, but I feel that either would work well for home protection. Actually, I really think that you could use the idea of a wall hanging for other intentions besides protection. Laguz would be a great Rune to use for healing and Nauthiz would be great for banishing negativity.

And if you wanted to get super crafty, you could design a Bind Rune (putting together multiple Runes in one shape) and make a wall hanging out of that.


Spell Kits – use recycled jewelry boxes or cigar boxes

If there is someone on your gift list that has shown an interest in doing some long-term spellwork, then you might want to put together a spell kit for them. This idea would be great for healing issues or for someone going back to school.

When it comes to packaging your supplies is where you can have some real fun. I saw some interesting ideas on Pinterest that re-purposed jewelry boxes or wooden cigar boxes. This gives a cute decorative way to store the supplies. Honestly, the sky is the limit with this idea so you can gear it toward the individual.

This is would also work for those new to the Craft to give them some basic supplies to help get them started!



I used to give away tarot readings as gifts all the time. If you are comfortable with performing readings, divination makes a great gift for family and friends. You can even get creative and design ‘gift certificates’ for something physical to open and you have the ability to make the gift either a single session, or make a booklet where you would do a reading at the beginning of each season or monthly, depending.




Okay, I will admit that this one is on the more ‘expert’ level of the crafting spectrum. I grew up helping my mom and grandma making tied-off quilts, so I’m comfortable with that style… but this year the Roomie has been taking some classes on machine quilting and wow… I’m blown away! Some really beautiful stuff there! The picture above is one that I saw on Pinterest and fell in love with! And the really cool thing is that there are soooo many different kinds of quilt patterns and materials available that it’s almost impossible not be able to put something together that would be perfect for anyone.

In my opinion, a quilt is the kind of special gift that gets passed down through the generations. My mom has quilts that her grandmother made and I have multiple quilts from my mom and grandma. They mean the world to me because of all the work that goes into making them. If you have the knowledge to produce even a simple quilt, then you have a gold medal Yule gift!



Sabbat Wreath

The ever-amazing Crystal first shared this amazing gift idea with me!

You take a wreath shape, either a grapevine wreath or Styrofoam ring, depending on how much you want to cover it, and divide it into eight equal sections. If using Styrofoam then you’re probably going to want to wrap either a wide ribbon or material around the ring.

Then, starting with any section, begin to attach items that represent each of the eight Sabbats in order, clockwise around the wreath. You can use mistletoe or pine cones for Yule, a lamb or Brid’s Cross for Imbolc, eggs for Ostara and so on. Like the embroidered representation above, you could also use string or ribbon to create a pentacle in the center of the wreath, but I don’t think that it’s especially necessary. Its looks nice, though!


Smudge Sticks

If you grow your own herbs like mugwort, sage and rosemary, then smudge sticks would be an easy gift idea. I’ve made them myself in recent years and it’s not hard. All I did was harvest the herbs I wanted to put in the stick, then I washed them and allowed them to dry a bit, then I worked the plant matter into a log shape, making sure that smaller herbs like rosemary was in the middle of the log. I then wrapped yarn around the shape and allowed the plant material to completely dry before using.

Depending on how thick you want the stick to be, keep in mind that it can take quite a bit of plant to make one. And even if you don’t grow your own herbs, I think it’s possible to still make your own smudge sticks. I realized that many produce departments in large grocery stores carry fresh herbs that you can buy. You can also probably find fresh herbs at farmer’s markets.


Okay, so that’s my suggestions this year for Yule Gifts that you can craft yourself. I hope you find the ideas helpful and if you end up trying any of them then I would ask you share pictures. I love seeing what folks are making!


Thanks for walking the path for a little while with me and until next time… Blessed Be!