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It’s week number two in my series of holiday gift ideas for your favorite witch/pagan! Last week I shared a list of things that you could make and this week I’m going to cover gifts that are purchased. Of course, I encourage you to shop local and help small businesses keep their doors open!



Portable Charger

I’m kind of new to the whole portable charger thing. I’d heard about them before, but never really thought to get one myself. I just bought one and now I’m not sure how I got along without one for so long! These devices are super handy, especially if you are going to be away from home for an extended length of time, because not only can you charge your phone or tablet with the smaller ones, but you can also get bigger units that will allow you to charge your laptops! So cool!!!

When I bought mine, I was really impressed with the different price points that are available. I think this is a great idea if you know someone that travels a great deal or for students that might record their classes on their phones.

I’m always environmentally conscious these days and when I saw that there are even solar chargers… well, my inner geek squeed! Literally squeed like a 12-year-old girl! I’m looking for one to purchase now! Must have!!!!!!



Lush products

Recently, I was able to make a pilgrimage to a Lush store. Oh, do I love that place! It always smells good and there’s always something new to check out. And everything is so colorful and cute!

For the longest time, I thought that mostly only buy bath bombs and bubble bars were available, but this last trip I was given a copy of the catalog and holy cow there is a wide range of products available! Did you know that you can get toothpaste ‘pills’!? You pop an aspirin-sized pill in your mouth, chew it up a bit, then wet your brush and go. Super ingenious idea! Perfect for traveling because they won’t count against your liquids! Amazing!!! And there’s something like six different flavors, so you can pick the one that suits your taste. My friend gave the Roomie and I a few to try and I’m convinced… now I need some of my own!

I like to support the Lush company because they are socially conscious. Their products are cruelty free and vegan so if you have someone you are buying for who is either, they have you covered. I believe the products are all natural and the company has a history of charitable donations worldwide. Some may consider the prices high compared to Bath and Body Works, but for me, the company’s practices have a big factor into where I want to spend my money.


Cooking Plant Urban Spice Giveaway

Supply Restocks

I don’t know about you, but I go through a LOT of candles, incense and herbs in my practice, and I LOVE getting witchy supplies as gifts! I think that any witch would appreciate a fresh stock of white candles or a big package of lavender as a gift.

I especially think that it’s perfect gift idea for someone new to the craft. It gives them a starting off point for supplies. I think it’s best to give them the basics, like and assortment of different colored candles, multi-use incense scents and herbs that will be the beginning of their supply closets. It’s really easy to purchase items like these, too, because they are so popular that you don’t usually have to go to a specialty store.




As a book lover, I’ve done various blog posts and videos where I talk about books.  It goes without saying that I have gotten a great deal out of Christopher Penczak’s entire library of work and suggest those to anyone, but there are also TONS of other options.

The Classics, like Moby Dick or Dracula, are one such option. I love the beautiful editions I’ve seen in book stores that have gold edging on the pages. These are thick, meaty volumes that decadent gifts that I would love to have, but would rarely spend the money on.

If you are looking ideas with more pagan content, then I think anything from the Elders of our religion would be worth looking in to. Buckland, Budapest, Cabot, Cunningham, Adler, Starhawk, the Farrar’s… these are essential for me.

Also, I’ve stated before that good reference books (stones, herbs, oils, spirit guides) for spellwork have been invaluable to me in my practice.


Donate in Someone’s Name

There are so many great organizations out there that need monetary support, so donating in your loved ones name would be an incredible gift, especially if you have a tough to buy for person. We all have issues or causes that are near and dear to our hearts, whether it’s your local animal shelter or the Sierra Club, and a gift donation helps any organization continue their work.

If you’re thinking of going this route and aren’t aware of any organizations your loved one cares about, then I would suggest to look locally first. Keeping money in your community is important to some folks and I know that there are lots of groups like food and baby pantries, Kiwanis and school programs out there. If you want to go with bigger groups, Doctors Without Borders and the Red Cross are popular.



Witchy Appliances

In my coven, we have used commonplace appliances in our practice. Whether it’s a coffee grinder to pulverize dried herbs or dehydrators to dry them, these modern conveniences have come in handy in my Craft and they can be a helpful gift as well. I’m currently looking for a small dehydrator that will be easier to store in my small house so I don’t have to bother Crystal to borrow hers, so if you know of one, please let me know!

I think that every witch would also find it helpful to have a few good glass containers to use. Something like a bowl with a pour spout and baking dishes, like Pyrex. I have some that I use for both witchy things and cooking and I never do anything in them that would make it so I couldn’t continue to cook in them. I have a 2-quart glass bowl that I bought years ago from Pampered Chef that I have literally beat the crap out of and it’s still going strong.



Antique Silver Spoons and Glasses

I don’t remember where I heard this from… could have been a book or a class… but a wise person suggested using an antique silver spoon to measure out things like herbs from jars or scooping up grave dirt and I thought it was such a neat idea. Think about it, using a beautiful spoon in your practice that has been in, possibly countless hands, and been through many events. Having a dedicated tool, like your Boline, that you use to stir or scoop. It feels special and decadent to me.

And glasses… Christopher Penczak once suggested using antique, colored glassware for the creation of potions. You would use the different colors as any other correspondent and put water in it, then place it on a bedside table and to go sleep, thinking of whatever intention it was you were looking to bring into your life. In the morning, you then drink down the potion. Love this idea, too!!!




That will do it for this list! I’d love to hear what you are buying for those lucky witches on your list this year. So let me know!


Thanks for walking the path for a little while with me and until next time… Blessed Be!




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