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Here is my last post of Yule gift ideas for 2016. This week it’s a little more personal, because I’m sharing a few items off my personal wish list. I feel like I need to say that I’m not sharing these with an expectation of anyone buying any of them for me. I just thought I would share! Like my other two lists, I thought that these suggestions would work for any witch on your holiday list.

Here we go…



Christopher Penczak Books

Yes, believe it or not, there are still some Christopher Penczak books that haven’t found a home on my witchy library yet. As a matter of fact, the Foundations of the Temple book was on my list last year and its one that I still haven’t picked up. I like to purchase as much as possible from local stores and I fear that part of the reason I haven’t bought this book yet is that Christopher and his partners have started their own publishing company and maybe the stores I go to don’t order from Copper Cauldron. I can purchase from Christopher’s website, so I think that’s what I’m going to have to look into.

Regardless, I know I’ve shared on more than one occasion how much I appreciate his entire body of work. There is seriously something there for all level of wiccan practitioners so check them out!




Donations to Standing Rock

I’m relieved that we’ve finally received some good news concerning the situation in North Dakota, but as far as I know, the Standing Rock encampment is still out there and they need things. We may have good news now, but things can change in a moment and winter is only just starting.

Anyone who knows me, knows how passionate I feel about what’s going on out there and I already spoke in last week’s post about what a great gift a donation in someone’s name can be.



Dorothy or Jacki Candles


I really love candles and like to burn them often, for both spellwork or energy workings and to make my house smell nice. My favorite line of magickal candles definitely have to go to Jackie Smith’s Coventry Creations company. I’ve mentioned her and her products before and they are some of the greatest gift idea EVER!

Dorothy Morrison’s candles are amazing as well, which makes sense since Jackie produces them as well! These two women are power houses for me when it comes to magickal spell components. I wish I had the room and the money to keep a large stash of their candles so that is why I love getting them as gifts.

There’s something for every person and situation… prosperity, protection, happiness, love… it’s endless. Go check out the website!





Animal Statues or Pictures

In my sacred space, I have small Elemental Altars and I’ve decided that I want to incorporate either statues or framed pictures of my animal spirit guides into these altars. I’m not sure what I will do with those animal guides that are from Above, Below, Right Left and Center, but that will come with time. Last year, I suggested prints or statues of deities and I think that God and Goddess figures are where many witches connect first in their practice. Then we find other guides, including animals, stone or plant spirits and angels as we continue our Craft. I like having depicts of all these entities around me. It helps me to feel protected. And as a gift, sometimes animal statues are soo much easier to find then a particular God or Goddess!





That’s gonna wrap it up (see what I did there!?) for this year’s gift suggestions. I really enjoy doing this so let me know if it was helpful. Another cool thing about these lists is that they can really apply for many gift giving occasions to keep them in mind all year for birthdays and other milestones. See you next week with another blog post. Are you interested in what we did at Crafty Craft Day – Winter 2016!? I’m not sure if I will cover it here or in a video with Cathy so look forward to that.

Have a great and safe holiday season. If you are traveling, may your trip be smooth and carefree. Please remember the animals and give them some gifts as well!

Thanks for walking the path for a little while with me and until next time… Blessed Be!




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