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At the beginning of the year, Cathy and I decided to take a little road trip to do some serious witchy shopping. One of the stores on our list to visit was a new place for us, called Mystic Moon in Madison Heights, Michigan.

What a delightful shop! It’s not an overly large space, but it’s been set up nicely and I was pretty happy with the selection. We had a wonderful time with the lovely lady working that day and I unfortunately forgot her name! I’m very sorry!!


The stones!!! Holy cow, the stones!

I was amazed to walk in and see such a well organized selection of stones. It was a great collection of your standards, like amethyst and rose quartz, with some other stones I don’t find often, like dragon stone. I appreciate that they had little identification cards you were welcome to take with correspondences listed. I find that so helpful, especially if I’m going to multiple places and making purchases at each.


Honestly, I think that Earth Lore in Plymouth has more stones that Mystic Moon, but that doesn’t mean Mystic Moon’s selection isn’t worth checking out. I even found a beautiful quartz sphere for sale! Gorgeous!!!



Mystic Moon has a great herb section as well. I ended up buying quite a few and the prices were very competitive with other places in the state where I’ve bought herbs in the past. I even found powdered sulfur!


I was really happy to see a good selection of Jacki Smith’s Coventry Creations candles in the store, especially given the fact that Jacki’s own store is less than twenty minutes away. Besides the Coventry Creations lines, I always appreciate finding a good variety of the small spell candles and seven day candles. Good prices too!


A major standout for me was the statuary.  Coyote Wisdom in Lansing as a decent variety, but they are predominately from one line/company. What I found at Mystic Moon was a beautiful, diverse group of statues in different sizes and finishes. My absolute favorite was one of Hekate. I don’t work with this goddess, but the detail on this statue was just breathtaking and I really felt drawn to her.



I did find a beautiful treasure to bring home! I talk more about it and my other purchases in the video I posted sharing my haul on the YouTube Channel. Here is the link:


Now for the broom count! I’m giving this store 4 out of 5 brooms and the reason is the book section. At the end of the day I love my books and while many of the titles in stock where ones I hadn’t seen before, they weren’t numerous. I understand that many brick and mortar stores are moving away from carrying books because of lower sales, but I like to shop for books and I still want to see them. I like to feel books. I like to look through books. I like to know their energies.


And there you have it! If you live in Michigan and don’t get to the Detroit area often, I think there are many really good New Age shops there that can give you the perfect excuse for a day trip. I’m excited to head back to Madison Heights for another look at what Mystic Moon has to offer and I hope you will check them out.

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