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Well, it’s the beginning of February and that means it’s time for my thoughts to move toward ConVocation! I know that I’ve talked about ConVo in years past, so I hope that you find these kinds of posts helpful. It’s going to be another amazing weekend, I just know it, especially because we’re going to have some new people attending for the first time!

This week I thought I would share who the Honored Guests are for this year’s event. Two of them are returning presenters and I believe the third is new to ConVocation. Here we go!



Kerr Cuhulain

Kerr is a wonderful returning guest to ConVocation and I believe he was a presenter the first time I attended. Kerr is a retired police officer from Vancouver, Canada and his approach to paganism is deeply rooted in the warrior aspect and head space. He is the author of many books, including Wiccan Warrior and Modern Knighthood and is the Grand Master and found of the Order of Paladins, where he teaches his warrior based mystery path.

What stands out to me are Kerr’s rituals. He’s a great group ritual leader and his content is always thought changing. I can’t wait to see him again.



 John Michael Greer

John Michael Greer is a presenter that I’m looking forward to meeting and hear speak this year. He has had a prolific writing career, having published more than 45 books on various topics. He is also a blogger and I plan on checking out his writings there (see link below) before attending ConVo.

John is the former Grand Arch Druid of the Ancient Order of Druids in America (AODA), a position he held for 12 years, and now heads the Druidical Order of the Golden Dawn (DOGD). I’m intrigued to see how Druidry merges with the Golden Dawn factor, which is a form of High Magick. Should be interesting!


 Ellen Dugan

In recent years, Ellen has attended consecutive years at ConVocation as both an Honored Guest and as Featured Presenter and is a favorite among attendees. She’s a colorful personality, with vast knowledge of plants and is a physic-clairvoyant. She has over 20 Wicca based books to her credit and has made a successful jump to fiction writing.

I really enjoyed her talk last year about menopause and how it effects wiccan woman and their magick. Her humor is infectious and I’m always happy to see her returning.



If you want to know anything more about these presenters, you can either visit the ConVocation site here:


or you can visit their individual sites here:

Kerr Cuhulain:


John Michael Greer Blog:


Ellen Dugan:



If you plan to attend this year’s ConVocation, I invite you to find me and say hello. I’ll be there with almost my entire coven and who knows, maybe we’ll play a game of Cards Against Humanity in the lobby again! Pull up a chair!!

Thanks for stopping by and walking the path a little while with me… until next time, Blessed Be!







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