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I never got around to posting anything about my coven’s Winter Crafty Craft Day (darn sickness), but I did take pictures of the fun we had. We made some pretty cool projects, so better late than never to share, right?


We started off our day sewing. We have some experienced sewers in the coven and our not so knowledgeable members had expressed an interest in learning. We decided to do some basic projects, altar cloths and tarot deck bags, to get their feet wet. It was quite a sight to have three tables filled with sewing machines! Here’s a picture of some altar cloths I did for myself:


Next was our take on a really neat witch ball I saw Dorothy Morrison had for sale in December, a Home Blessing and Protection Ball. During the holidays, craft stores have lots of different sized and shaped empty glass (and now plastic) ornaments that are perfect for this kind of project. We used herbs and other items to put in the balls that were designed to bring specific magicks into our homes for the year. You can either recharge the ball at the beginning of 2018 or empty it and refill with other items that correspond with other energies.


Here’s what we put in them:

Caraway Seeds for protection and anti-theft.

Black Eyed Peas for luck.

Cranberry Beans for new opportunities.

Shredded Play Money for prosperity.


We also made candles. This can be a pricey craft, but I think we found some good deals online for soy wax and wicks, which are the most costly items. We used glass containers that we re-purposed from our homes and for scent we used essential oils. You can buy scents that are specially made for candle making, which I almost want to try next time. For my candle, I used quite a bit of essential oil, but the scent isn’t that prominent.


Our final project for this year’s craft day was a Pinterest idea. It’s another protection intention project (are you seeing a theme for this year?) made from Runes, which had me all excited to try! Cathy and I went to her burn pile and pulled out branches that were about the thickness of your pinky and we cut them into roughly twelve inch pieces. Then you take yarn, sinew, or some other type of twine and wrap ends of the sticks together to create the Rune. As you can tell, mine is Othala, which is a home and protection Rune.

Make sure that you set the intention and work your magick as you make the Rune!

You can even get super crafty and make a Bind Rune, which is two or more Runes put together, a more complicated project to be sure!

I like this idea because you can use it for any energy you want to bring into your space. If you want to bring healing, then you can make a Laguz Rune. Or if you want to bring joy, you can make a Wunjo Rune.


That’s it for this time. As always, I hope that some of our ideas inspire you to make your own. And if you do, let me know! Thanks for walking the Path a while with me… until next time… Blessed Be!




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