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I am inspired by so many things on any given day. Like a sunrise, something we sometimes take for granted. Holding my friends’ granddaughter… man, she is so cute! Witnessing an act of kindness.

I’ve made the conscious choice to look for beauty in the world around me, especially in times when there’s an overwhelming amount of ugly. It’s very easy to drown in despair, and trust me, there are days when I have and probably will again. But in my opinion, nothing thumbs your nose up to all the bad in this world like finding the good. No matter how hard you may have to look.

So, I look for inspiration. Could be something insignificant or it could be something out of this world. I’ve found that I am a list maker, that’s how I remember things, and having a piece of paper to look back on is a tangible thing when I’m having a dark day.

I’m inspired by my Path.

The possibilities that open to you when you open yourself to magick is endless. My world has always been richer because of my faith, even when I considered myself a Christian. Since claiming the word Witch for myself, I feel connected to everything around me. I see the life and energy in all things and that makes me want to have something better. To be something better.

Wicca has opened my eyes to all the mysteries of the universe. It is the ultimate teacher, because it can answer all questions, solve all issues. I am my own Priestess. I don’t have to ask someone else what I need to do, because I only have to look within to KNOW what comes next.

I’m inspired by success.

I love to see my friends and family achieve their goals. Right now, I’m really inspired to watch my Roomie as she has gone back to school. She’s continuing to work a full-time job while taking classes and I know there are days when she’s tired, but she’s hitting the books instead of sleeping. A degree is something that she’s always wanted and I know she’s working really hard. At the end of this road she’s going to be in a very different place in her life and that makes me so thrilled to watch her grow.

I’m also friends with a married couple that are making their dreams come true by moving a couple of hours away to where they are hoping to live a more sustainable life. These are amazing people who are striking out into this new adventure that does have some uncertainty, but it’s about overlooking those fears to see a brighter future. I wish them all the best and know that moving doesn’t mean we’ll never see each other again. I love you, Brother!!!!!

I’m inspired by love.

I love to see love win. I love to see love survive. I love to watch love develop, or be rekindled.

I know that I am a romantic. Pride and Prejudice, or another other Jane Austin story, is my go to when I’m feeling sick or can’t find anything else to watch. Love isn’t just reserved for couples… It’s My Party and Steel Magnolias make me sob EVERY time I watch either. Gah, I’m choking up just thinking about them!

I try to come from a place of love, which can be hard with my Aries temper. To live in the heart chakra. Every day isn’t a success, but it’s not always about one day. It’s the journey, experiencing the ups and downs. It’s about living.

I’m inspired by a good story.

It seems like I haven’t found many new ones lately, but there’s so much out there to choose from. I enjoy the Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne. I like something that makes me laugh one moment and cry the next.

Another friend recently started selling a story he’d written in kindle form on Amazon. Man, is it hilarious! I’m inspired by his wit and his voice and he’s working on a sequel!!!! YES!!!

I like characters that go on a journey and discover that they could do things they never thought they could. That’s what I try to do when I write fiction. Most important, I like a happy ending. City of Angels… worst movie… I NEED a happy ending!!

I’m really inspired by creativity.

Maybe that’s partially why I was called to the goddess Bridget. As a goddess of poetry, ancient Celts petitioned to her for inspiration and I look to her for the same thing when I work on a story or an article to post here.

I love art in all forms. I see the work that going into making a quilt, dancing, painting. Have you looked at what some nail techs are doing with their tiny mediums!?!? Holy cow! And tattoos… I love skin ink and want to add to my collections, something I plan on doing this year.

I guess I’m really inspired by expression in all its forms. Some things I might not understand because it doesn’t speak to me, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hold validity to the person who created it or to anyone that it does speak to. One thing we need to keep in mind is that it’s okay to not like or understand all things, but we do need to respect the inspiration that helped bring it into being. The process. The fact that someone was moved in the creation and in the completion.

I guess I’ve shared enough. Thanks for walking the Path for a little while with me. But I’m left with one question for you

What inspires you?






A Devotional Poem for Bridget

Lady Bridget, Green Huntress

Thank you for your presence in my life

Beautiful Bridget, Goddess of Inspiration

Thank you for the gift of creativity

Thoughtful Bridget, Lady of the Forge

Thank you for your intricate design

Loving Bridget, Patron of Healing

Blessed am I for your caring touch

Multifaceted Bridget, Two-Faced One

Thank you for helping to turn the Wheel.




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