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Another amazing ConVocation for the record books guys!

I had a really great time this year, as always, even though a migraine made for a rough Saturday afternoon and made me miss a class. Even if all the classes were horrible, (like that would ever happen!) I still had almost all my coven members with me and that is a treat beyond compare! So, here’s my Top 5 Classes from ConVocation this year!



Goddesses of Israel – EliSheva Nesher

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen with this class. It was the first session for classes at ConVocation and when nothing completely grabbed me, I decided to give this one a try. Man, am I relieved that I went!

EliSheva captured me with her small stature and her thick Israeli accent. She talked about three primitive Hebrew Goddesses and how some of them were still recognized and worshiped to this day in her homeland. Her stories were magickal, pulling at something in me that I hadn’t felt in a while. They stirred up a desire to find out more about them. To know all their stories. I’ve started looking for more about Rahmay, Anat and Asherah, so if you know of any stories you can point me to I would be grateful!



Dewey Decimal of Akashic Records – Jacki Smith

Jacki does a great deal of work in her Akashic Records and that works incredibly well for her and how she advises her clients. I’ve done some work in my Records myself and you can definitely get some good insight into whatever situation you happen to be working on. If you haven’t gone to yours then I highly recommend doing so.

What Jacki did in this class is pair together a visit to your Akashic Records with the Middle Pillar of the Tree of Life in such a way that helps you to problem solve issues in your life. I’m afraid that I might be oversimplifying what happened, but that’s what we did. She asked everyone to get into their minds a small issue they had in their lives, then she took us on this journey into our Akashic Records and up the middle of the Tree of Life. I am here to tell you that in less than 90 minutes I was brought to an almost mind blowing discovery about myself! It was crazy!

Luckily, this is all explained in the last chapter of her book on the subject, that I picked up and have added to my reading list!

Ohhhhh, so many books to read, but such great subject matter!!!!!!!



From Elder to Ancestor – Michelle Belanger

This was the once class that I was aware of and intended to go to this year. The subject of Death and how to support members in our community who have lost loved ones is something that I’ve been spending a great deal of time learning about recently. And as it happens, last year the Wiccan community in Michigan suddenly lost one if it’s most prominent leaders and Michelle was very close to Michael Wiggins. I think his passing led to her putting this class together.

There were two things that Michelle talked about that really stood out to me. The first one was, don’t forget that your loved one was human. Sometimes we tend to romanticize someone who has passed, make them out to be a saint or forget all the negative things they may have done in their life. That’s not healthy for them or you. She explained that they are trying to figure out how their new existence works on the other side and how they fit into your life still. They can’t deal with half truths about how they lived. It’s better to keep things real for them.

She also cautioned to not become what she called a ‘spirit hoarder’. It’s healthy to have a few mementos from your loved ones who have passed, but don’t keep everything. You’ll drown in them.



The Rite of the Seven Jars – Storm Faerywolf

Unfortunately, I started to get a migraine just as I was going into this class and the only reason I stayed was because I knew we were going to be doing trance work. I figured either the trance work would heal the pain in my head or it wouldn’t hinder the work. In the end, I believe it helped to lessen the migraine, but I ended up hitting my room for a nap afterward anyway.

So, I didn’t really get to fully explore what Storm had intended, but what the gist of the trance work was meant to accomplish was to release trapped souls as well as our own fears and guilt. I wish that I would have thought to ask about recording this trance work so I could have tried it again later. As far as I know, Storm doesn’t have any meditation recordings, but I want to do some research to be sure.



Ecstatic Witchcraft/The Star Goddess and the Gates of Heka – Devin Hunter

I just bought Devin’s book, The Witch’s Book of Power, just before ConVocation and I wish I’d realized that he was going to be there so I could have taken it for him to sign.

Devin reminds me a bit of Christopher Penczak when I first met him. They are both very dynamic speakers, but in different ways. Devin is on the move quite a bit as he talks, but there is this surety to his tone that really reminds me of Christopher.

This class used ecstatic movement to connect with the Star Goddess. I’ve only used a basic amount of dance in ritual and I’m normally stiff and awkward feeling about it to begin with. But Devin picked some good music that pulled me to get moving and he really encouraged everyone to close your eyes and just be in your own headspace.

I’m looking forward to reading his book and see what his work is all about.



And so now that ConVocation is over, it’s time to take all these new thoughts and ideas and methods of looking at magick and your practice and find out how you put them into your life. I have to admit that I’m tired, even three days after being home, I’m feeling near to exhaustion, but it’s a feeling that I look forward to every year.

I use ConVocation as a way of recharging my magickal batteries. Sometimes it even feels like I get reminded of what all the amazing things brought me to Wicca in the first place. I can’t stress this enough, if you have never been to an event like this then go! Don’t put it off another day. Even if it’s a one day thing, like a Pagan Pride Day festival that are held in cities all around the world. Here’s a link to a site where you can find one near you:


Thanks for reading. I want to hear from you if you’ve ever been to ConVocation or an event like it. Drop me a line or comment! Until next time… Thanks for walking the path for a little while with me. Blessed Be!





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