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God of war, money and fertility.

Teutates is an ancient Celtic god who was worshiped especially in Gaul. His name means “the god of the tribe”, from the Gallic touta which means “tribe” or “people” (similar to the Celtic tuatha). Teutates is also known under the names of Albiorix (“king of the world”) and Caturix (“king of the battle”). Human sacrifices were made to appease him. He is the equivalent of the Roman god Mars.




(Celtic) Earth Goddess of August.

In ancient Ireland, she was said to be the foster mother of the light, embodied in the god Lugh.

Taillte lived on the magical Hill of Tara, from which she directed the clearing of an immense forest, the wood of Cuan. It took a month to create the Plain of Oenach Taillten, where Taillte then built her palace; it remains on Irish maps today as Telltown, near Kells.

According to the Book of Invasions, Tailtiu was the daughter of the king of Spain and the wife of Eochaid mac Eirc, last Fir Bolg High King of Ireland, who named his capital after her (now Teltown, between Navan and Kells). She survived the invasion of the Tuatha De Danann and became the nurse of Lugh.

Lugh established a month-long festival in August, Ãenach Tailteann, in her honor, which continued to be celebrated as late as the 18th century. It was complete with mercantile fairs and sporting events; even into the medieval times Taillte’s festivities were held. Eventually, they died out, but in the early part of this century the Tailltean Games – the Irish Olympics – were revived in an attempt to restore Irish culture.

She died after clearing the plain of Breg in County Meath, and Lug instituted funeral games in her honor at the festival of Lughnasadh.





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