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I have been thinking about sharing pictures of the various altars I have set up in my home for a long time. I know that some folks don’t like to share pictures of their main altars to the public because that is the place where they do their workings as a witch. I get that, and I had the same reservations at first, but I guess I came to the conclusion that as long I wasn’t in the middle of a major working then everything would be fine.

Recently, I started on some spring cleaning and a cleaned and reorganized all my altars to get some fresh pictures and I’ve decided that I’m going to share them with you, one at a time. Let’s get started!


home altar

Home Altar

I established my home altar during my third year of study with the Temple of Witchcraft as part of an assignment. I learned about the spirits of the land and how there was one that was connected to the place in which I live. The altar is meant to be a place where I can go to and make offerings to ask for the protection of my dwelling and possessions.

I like the fact that this altar is on the small side, it’s kind of tucked into a corner of the living room. I wanted to keep it simple, keeps its contents mostly to a bowl and plate where I can leave offerings. I also have this unique burner that I bought years ago, at the Renaissance festival. You can use either wax tarts or oils with a tealight underneath. It’s made from recycled aerosol cans and wire hangers… upcycling at its finest! I also like that it’s in the common area of the house and because of that, the Roomie can also make offerings there since it’s her house, too.

Oh, you might also notice the besom with the odd-looking green on the handle. That is the broom that I used when I played the Wicked Witch a few years ago, in my local community theater’s production of The Wizard of Oz. The prop master of the show did an amazing job with it and I asked if I could keep it. I was so glad he said yes!


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