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One of the seven Archangels in Eastern Orthodox tradition.

In the Third Book of Enoch, he is described as one of the angelic princes, with a myriad of some 496,000 ministering angels attending him. He is described in the Almadel of Solomon as one of the chief angels of the first and fourth chora. He is regarded as the angel of lightning.

Barachiel is sometimes shown holding a white rose against his chest, or with rose petals scattered on his clothing, particularly the cloak. The scattering of rose petals was to symbolize or represent God’s sweet blessings showering down on people. In Roman Catholicism, Barachiel is depicted holding a bread basket or a staff, both of which symbolize the blessings of children that God bestows on parents.

Barachiel is the chief of the guardian angels and it is written that Barachiel may be prayed to for all the benefits which the guardian angel is thought to confer if one is not praying to the guardian angel directly, but as an intercession. He is seen as an official Saint in Eastern Orthodox tradition as well as some folk Catholic traditions, in particular a patron of family and married life. He is also seen as the angel assigned by God to watch over converts (also called “adopted children of God”) to assist them in their lives.

Barachiel is also traditionally associated with the month of February and the Zodiacal sign Pisces. He is also sometimes described as being the ruler of the planet Jupiter and the zodiacal sign Scorpio.





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