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The two craft days that my coven plans each year are incredibly popular and something we all look forward to. And this year’s summer craft day didn’t disappoint!

I was in charge of planning this event and when you see the list of projects we made, you find that I was apparently feeling the need for some protection. Let’s go over what we did!




Cathy was really interested in making Black Salt this year, so that was the first project on my list to research ingredients for. To clarify, there are two different kinds of black salt, the culinary variety from India and the witchy kind used to banish negative energies, protection and hex breaking.

Can you guess which one we made?  😉

Here is the recipe I found online that we used:

  • 2 parts Sea Salt or Kosher Salt
  • 1 part skillet scraping OR
  • 1 part ash from fire pit OR
  • 1 part crushed black chalk dust OR
  • 1 part finely ground Charcoal
  • 1 part finely ground Black Pepper

We had both fire pit ash and black pepper available to go with the salt (I like to give options), but I thought that skillet scraping was a really interesting idea for an ingredient. I’d love to know if anyone has made this, or a similar recipe, and how it’s worked for them. Our ash had been rained on, so Cathy brought some inside to dry out so we then sifted it to make sure all the big pieces were removed.




How to use Black Salt… you can sprinkle it at windows and doorways to keep bad energies away or you can sprinkle it at the edge of your property for protection. Also, if you are experiencing bad dreams, you can put it in a bowl under the bed.




I hit up Pinterest for some craft suggestions for this year and found a couple I thought were really worth trying. The first one was a recipe for Banishing Oil. I’ve never really felt the need to do any banishing or binding in my time as a witch, I guess I’ve been lucky that way. But lately I’ve found myself in a situation where I’m feeling the need to push some negative energies away from me and there was something about this pin that spoke to me.

It’s still steeping so I haven’t used it yet.




Here’s the other Pinterest find I couldn’t pass up. Car protection is something that is always on my mind, mostly because I have a commute to work and a portion of my drive is on country roads. The ingredients were interesting, too.



Small charm bag or a piece of cloth and ribbon

Sage (dried)

Cedar or Rosemary (dried)

Pinch of salt (Course is better, but table salt works too)

3 pieces of Dragon’s Blood (use a hefty pinch if powdered)

3 Cat whiskers and/or strands of wolf hair

Small rock (anything that means protection to you)

Small pentacle or other protection charm (optional-ties on bag)

When putting your sachet together, you are supposed to visualize the occupants of the vehicle arriving safe and secure. Put everything but the charm in the bag while doing this. One thing to note, we used organza bags and anything powdered is going to go right through it so you might want to stick to solid Dragon’s Blood. Then take a few moments to hold the bag and charge it in the way that works best for you.

Next you tie the strings of the bag three times and repeat the words of power below. Now is the time to attach your charm, if you are using one.


With each knot, I bind this spell

Safety, protection, all is well

Sheltered and shielded, this vehicle shall be

Three times three, SO MOTE IT BE!


Then all you need to do is put it in your car. The spell suggested either tying it to your mirror or putting it under a seat. One of my coven sisters decided to put hers in a pocket on the back of one of her seats so it wouldn’t get misplaced by anything that might work it’s way under her seat.




The last thing we made were sets of either Elder Futhark or Witch’s Runes. I found a couple of printouts on Pinterest with pictures of the runes and their meanings to share with everyone there, that way we all had examples of what to draw and had the divination meaning when we went to use them.

For the rocks, I had two options… the first were decorative rocks (black and white) that I found at my local craft store in the home décor section and the second were natural river pebbles that I bought in the garden area of my local Meijer. The river pebbles came in a pretty big bag (something like 25 lbs) that I had to sort through to pull out flat ones, but the price was a great deal less than the two little bags of the decorative ones I bought. I liked the natural look better, too, and I can use the left-over stones in my yard.

To make things easy for drawing on the symbols, we used different colored Sharpie and paint markers that worked really well for everyone. I also had a spray sealant available to lock on the markings. One of my coven sisters planned to take hers home and paint on some clear nail polish, so that’s an easy option as well.

At the top of this post is a picture of the Witch’s Rune set that I made for myself and above is a picture of the Elder Futhark set one of the other ladies made. Here is a picture of Cathy’s Witch’s Rune set.




The best thing about Crafty Craft Day is the time we spend together. If your group or coven does something similar, then I’d love to hear about it. Until next time, thanks for walking the Path with me… Blessed Be!






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