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This is an archangel from among the ashim, “souls of fire,” who watches over souls in the underworld, and who is called a guardian of souls in the Midst. Eremiel is stationed in the first heaven, Tibel-Vilon, and sends forth emanations and hosts into the realms of the Midst, the domains of archons, the inner earths, hungry ghost realms, hells realms and so on, ministering to souls bound up in them, and helping them find their way of release. On account of this, Eremiel is also an archangel that is invoked for spiritual assistance to earth-bound spirits.

Joined with this, Eremiel is also invoked by initiates for the discernment of spirits in the afterlife states, and the nature of spiritual assistance that might be offered; hence, for intuition of spirits of the dead.

Eremiel is also known to hold great knowledge of the world of spirits – knowledge of spirits of all kinds, having knowledge of their abodes and powers, and how they may be invoked and banished. It is because of this that Eremiel is considered a great ministering angel to the world of spirits, and is known as an angelic preacher of the Gospel to spirits.

In general, Eremiel is an angel of mercy and compassion, but does have a fierce side when defending souls in the Midst against unclean or evil spirits, or when helping in the exorcism of a soul that is obsessed or possessed by spirits of the Other Side.




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